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Is Your Furniture Looking Worn, Torn, and Out of Style?
SharpFit is The Instant Solution Without Breaking The Bank!
Starting At $49.95 + S&H
• Goes on in less than 2 minutes!
• No decorator skills needed!
• No special tools required!

Available For Sofas, Loveseats, Armchairs, Even Sectionals.
Sharp Fit – The Ultimate Furniture Cover
The Perfect Solution For:
Making An Old Sofa Look New, Protecting A New Couch or Changing Up The Look of Your Living Room!
  • Made in Italy - Quality cutting edge design
  • Super Soft & Durable - Breathable fabric that contains 50% cotton
  • Pet & Kid Resistant - Easy on and off for cleaning
  • Easily Stretch To Twice Their Size - Fits almost all types and sizes of furniture
  • Available in Different Styles - For sofa, loveseat, armchair and corner set
  • Fit Any Decor - Available in two designer colors -beige and grey
  • Machine Washable
Transform Any Sofa, Chair, or Loveseat!
You Get A Perfect Fit Every Time!
It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Use the product label to locate and properly place the cover back section, finding the edges that go on the corners of the back.
Move on to the armrests and seat, covering the bottom of the sofa. The unique design will allow you to stretch the fabric and put it under the cushions.

Step back and tidy up the Superstretch cover to make sure it fits perfectly.
Customers Love The Savings And Ease!
"My favorite part is that if my daughter spills something I can take it off and put it in the washer."
- Bridgett
"We tried slip covers but they don’t quite fit and they look terrible. Sharp Fit looks like it was custom designed for our couch. It fits perfectly!"
- Nick

"My favorite sofa is worn out. I don’t want to spend all that money on a new one. With Sharp Fit furniture cover I don’t have to! Simply, my living room looks like totally new."
- ??

Make That Old Couch Look Like New in Less Than 2 Minutes!
• Goes on in less than 2 minutes!
• No decorator skills needed!
• No special tools required!"
• Change the look of old, worn out
  furniture in just seconds!

Revolutionary super stretch fabric! Perfect solution for making an old sofa look new, protecting a new couch, or changing up the look of your living room!
This is a Limited Time Offer!
Starting At $49.95 + S&H
Available For Sofas, Loveseats, Armchairs, Even Sectionals.